It Is Good to Be Queen; Monarch Enjoys Daily Cocktails and Cake

Queen Elizabeth downs four cocktails a day

(JOSH DUBOFF, VANITY FAIR) We learned not too long ago that Queen Elizabeth II has a favorite kind of cake—which is made by her Buckingham Palace chefs—that she has a slice of every single day.

PHOTO: brokenkey, CC

And Food and Wine uncovered another detail about the Queen’s daily intake: the 91-year-old reportedly consumes four cocktails a day.

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Her first drink, per former royal chef Darren McGrady, enjoyed shortly before lunch, is a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and a “lot of ice.” Then, during lunch, she’ll have a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine at meal’s end.

At lunch, the Queen drinks a dry gin martini, according to her cousin Margaret Rhodes. So, yes, we are now at three drinks by roughly 1 p.m.

Her final drink of the day? It actually doesn’t come until she’s going to sleep: a glass of Champagne before bed. READ THE FULL POST AT VANITY FAIR