Girl, 2, To Be Tested For STDs; The Reason Will Make You Furious

“I have been feeling overwhelmingly guilty for taking her there,” says mom who took tot to McDonald’s

| Fox News – A two-year-old girl who found a used condom in the eating area of a McDonald’s will have to undergo STD testing.

A Perth couple was “sickened” to find their toddler had picked up the black item at the fast-food outlet.

The mother told a reported she went back to the counter to order something when her husband spotted their daughter sucking on the condom.

“I ran into the bathrooms, washed her mouth and hands and came out and gave her a drink. We were terrified,” she said.

“I am really angry and sickened … I haven’t slept. I have been feeling overwhelmingly guilty for taking her there in the first place.”

The mother said she was disgusted how the restaurant treated her family when their doctor told them to return to get the condom and take it to the hospital for testing. Read more. 



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