It’s About to Get Very Bad for the Sugar Industry

‘Lost’ study on sugar’s links to high blood cholesterol, cancer exposed after 50 years

(Headline Health) Cover-ups have a way of coming back to haunt the perpetrator, even many years later.

One of America’s major crony capitalist industries may be hearing the piper’s tune.

It’s just come out that the heavily taxpayer subsidized sugar industry may have been concealing sugar’s deadly effects for half a century.

If the allegations are proven true, the liability costs could be catastrophic for sugar makers and their insurers … details below.

(Jacqueline Howard, CNN)

Controversial sugar industry cancer study uncovered

An old study is shedding new light on the sugar industry’s controversial past, and its secrets are being revealed.

The 1960s study, which suggests a link between a high-sugar diet and high blood cholesterol levels and cancer in rats, was sponsored by the sugar industry, according to the report published this week in a noted science journal.

Yet the study itself was never published and has been forgotten – until now.

“All we know is that the plug got pulled and nothing got published,” said Stanton Glantz, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco and a co-author of the new paper.

Gag order from ‘the sugar people’ may have concealed sugar’s harmful effects

“Whether the investigator didn’t bother to try or whether he tried and failed, we don’t know. Or whether there was some kind of clause in his agreement with the sugar people that precluded him from publishing, we don’t know,” he said.

This enigmatic study seems to provide evidence of the harmful health impacts of eating too much sugar.

It also suggests that a group then called the Sugar Research Foundation might have manipulated scientific research in its favor, according to the new paper.

The authors of the new paper previously conducted a separate historical analysis of sugar industry-related documents and studies.

Report: sugar may be the real ‘dietary culprit’ in heart disease

That analysis suggested that the Sugar Research Foundation sponsored a research program that successfully cast doubt about the health hazards of a high-sugar diet and rather promoted fat “as the dietary culprit” in health concerns such as heart disease.

“The kind of science manipulation that the tobacco industry engaged in is exactly the same kind of behavior that we’ve documented in these papers from the sugar industry,” said Glantz, who has also studied the tobacco industry. Read the full story at CNN. Also of interest: Reduce Cancer Risk With Long-Term Aspirin Use