Gay Men Adore NY’s New Bathroom Rule

pointnshoot, CC BY 2.0

Gay Senator, Gov. Cuomo take pride in state’s new men’s room rule 

| Gisela Crespo, CNN – Change is coming to men’s restrooms in New York.

A new law requires all new or renovated buildings in New York that have bathrooms used by the public to make diaper changing tables available to both men and women.

The rule applies to restaurants, stores and movie theaters as well as state facilities such as parks and offices of the Department of Motor Vehicles.

At least one changing table must be available to both genders on each floor of a building that is accessed by the public, according to the law.

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The legislation also states that building managers should post clear signs showing the location of the nearest available changing table.

There was no previous state law that required changing tables in bathrooms used by the public, according to a statement from the office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo when the legislation passed:

“Parents and caregivers of young children often struggle to find a safe, sanitary place to change their child’s diaper. In addition, when changing tables are available, they are disproportionately available in only women’s restrooms.”

State Sen. Brad Hoylman, who is gay and wrote the legislation, said in a statement, “It’s not just moms who change diapers. Dads need to step up and do their part of the dirty work, too.” Tough New Health Laws Went Into Effect Jan 1

Hoylman is one of the fathers who took to social media to document the difficulty men face when changing their children’s diapers … SOURCE. 


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