“The Foundation of All Movement, Health & Well-being”

It’s all about your breath

(PR NEWSWIRE) Speaker, executive coach, health & well-being specialist, peak performance coach and now Author, Ed Harrold, brings 18 years of experience successfully implementing yoga breathing strategies into lifestyle medicine, fitness and athletic performance as well as optimal organizational performance in high demand work environments.

Ed’s passion about mindful breathing is reflected in his personal story with his “life with breath” and how this contemplative practice can help you improve your health, well-being, and performance.

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“It’s all about your breath and there are 100’s of ways to breathe in and out to meet our daily needs. Breathing is the foundation of all movement, health & well-being,” says Ed.

“Respiration patterns and rates influence physiology, biochemistry, biomechanics and psychological responses. These responses play a large role in our ability to manage stress, improve ill-health, enjoy healthful fitness routines, executive functioning and emotional intelligence as well as our ability to improve lifestyle habits leading to poor health. I find so little knowledge and application on the powerful effects of respiratory physiology for improving health, prevention, recovery, and resilience. That’s going to change.”

Today’s person is moving through life at such a rapid unconscious pace. We are faced with distractions, commitments, deadlines, and pressures that leave us feeling as if we can’t keep up. This hurried state-of-being has turned on a part of our physiology that was designed for emergencies only; the Stress Response. For many, this system has been running for so long, it won’t turn off. It’s been trained to run on auto-pilot.  READ THE FULL STORY AT PR NEWSWIRE