Food Everyone Thinks Is Healthy Just Make 63 More Sick

Image: Bexx Brown-Spinelli, CC BY-ND 2.0

“CDC has been unable to find an origin for the outbreak”

No one can explain sixteen-month food poisoning epidemic; is it intentional?

| CNN – Sixty-three more people have been infected with salmonella linked to raw turkey products in an outbreak that began in November 2017, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.

There have been 279 reported cases of salmonella associated with raw turkey in 41 states and the District of Columbia as of December 21.

Of those, 107 people were hospitalized, and one death was reported in California. Who Crapped In Half a Million Turkey Burgers?

Ill people have reported using many types and brands of raw turkey products, and the CDC has been unable to find an origin for the outbreak, so it is advancing with recalls and advising consumers to take precaution when buying and eating raw turkey.

The agency offers a list of recalled turkey products tied to this outbreak. Trump Admin. Issues Alert: Food Terrorism Threat

Salmonella is transmitted by consuming contaminated food and is a common culprit of diarrhea throughout the United States and around the world.

Another risk factor is the handling of pet reptiles, like turtles. CDC Warns: All Turtles Carry Salmonella

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