Florida Retiree, 77, Dead From Gulf Superbug

A life in Florida had long been the dream of Carolyn “Lynn” Fleming. (Wade Fleming via AP)

“Her entire body [was] septic … “

Two days after Headline Health warned of health dangers in the Gulf of Mexico, another victim has died …

By Susan Scutti and Jen Christensen, July 1, 2019

CNN – A woman died two weeks after cutting her leg while walking along the coast on Anna Maria Island, Florida, according to her family.

[The barrier island is located between Bradenton and St. Petersburg at the mouth of Tampa Bay.]

Her leg became infected with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly called flesh-eating bacteria.

A life in Florida had long been the dream of Carolyn “Lynn” Fleming, who was originally from Pittsburgh but was most recently a resident of Ellenton, Florida.

“Mom only moved down there three or four years ago, but she loved it, and she had so many friends there,” son Wade Fleming said.
Fleming, his wife and their two children had driven down from Pennsylvania to spend a week with the 77-year-old.

“It was the best vacation and the worst vacation we ever had,” Fleming said. Woman Nearly Dies of Flesh-Eating Bacteria In Vagina

The family visited Coquina Beach, just a short distance from St. Petersburg, on June 14.

As she walked along the water, a small dip caused Lynn Fleming to stumble.

She had a bump on her leg, a three-quarter-inch cut on her left shin, according to Wade Fleming.

A lifeguard cleaned it up and gave her a bandage. She had no unusual symptoms, and they went out with friends that evening.

“She got mad when I tried to make a fuss, you know the way mothers are,” Wade Fleming said. Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Florida Hot Tubber

Her son gave it one more cleaning the next day, put on a bandage from the first aid kit in his car and had to get back on the road to Pittsburgh.

By Saturday afternoon, Lynn Fleming called her family and told them she was in pain. As the weekend progressed, the severity of her wound escalated.

On Sunday, her leg had become red and swollen, and her friends insisted that she go to an urgent care facility. She received a tetanus shot and a prescription for an antibiotic.

Friends knocked on her door to bring her the prescription and found her unconscious on her bedroom floor. Her left shin was black. They called an ambulance.

On June 17, she was hospitalized and diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, commonly known as flesh-eating bacteria. Surgeries were required to combat the often-deadly infection.

Lynn Fleming had two strokes and kidney failure. “Her entire body is septic,” Traci Fleming wrote Wednesday in a Facebook post chronicling her mother-in-law’s condition … Read more.