Florida nurse: ER is ‘a cesspool of funky flu’

“Wash your stinkin’ hands …” 

Katherine Smith Lockler posted her frustrated flu-rant to Facebook after coming off a 12-hour shift at the hospital.  (Facebook)

Nurse Katherine Smith Lockler, of Milton, Florida, decided to air her frustration after finishing a 12-hour shift in the emergency room.

In the Facebook video, she highlights the heightened risk of catching the flu this season and shares some sassy-toned tips to avoid getting yourself, and other people, sick.

To start, she chastised those who bring extra people to the hospital saying it’s “a cesspool of funky flu at the ER right now.”

Don’t bring your kid’s sports team, don’t bring your “healthy children” and definitely don’t bring your newborn babies, Lockler said.

And also, maybe don’t come if you’re not really experiencing “a true emergency,” she added.

You could be putting yourself at risk of catching the flu.

“Right now, we have up to 25 to 30 patients sitting for hours in the emergency room waiting room,” Lockler said in the video.

“Some of them are not true emergencies but they’re waiting along with the flu right next to them so guess what?

“Five flus came in, 15 flus walk out. It’s great! And guess what? Half of them don’t realize that they have the flu yet. They’ll be back!”

But in case you’ve already caught the disease, Lockler had some ideas of how you can treat yourself at home.

To start: “Wash your stinkin’ hands so you don’t get all your babies sick,” she said.

And definitely don’t go to the ER with a fever if you haven’t tried lowering it with the proper amount of Tylenol or Motrin. Read the full story at Fox News.


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