Florida Man Out For Father’s Day Dinner, Daughter Finds Cockroach On Plate

Owner’s lame defense: “we just bug-bombed the kitchen”


***** Long post alert, but if you care about where you go out to eat, READ THIS *****

Meghan L., Cape Coral, FL

YELP – We chose Ginza Endless Sushi & Hibachi in Fort Myers, FL to celebrate Father’s Day with our family.

We got there, waited an hour for our table … and ordered all of our food almost immediately as we sat down.

“There was a whole cockroach in her vegetable fried rice.”

However, my sister received her meal with a little something extra inside of it.

There was a whole cockroach in her vegetable fried rice.

The response of the restaurant was the even bigger disappointment. While the manager on duty and our waitress made an effort to do what they thought was appropriate, it more than fell short given the circumstances.

My mother returned the following day to speak with the owner. From their conversation, what stood out the most was his blatant disregard of the situation.

He was rude, argumentative, and dismissive with my mom.

Rather than offer any type of apology for what happened or show any type of concern for his customers (and their health since this is a health hazard), he went on the defense complaining about how much it costs to run his restaurant and how little profit he makes in running their endless sushi and hibachi lunch special.

He continued on to say that any restaurant has problems, “it happens.” (Public records, however, confirm that Ginza has had more than their fair share of such “problems”)

The restaurant’s response to serving my sister a rice bowl with a cockroach mixed in (it was cooked in there, not just sitting on top) was to comp her meal. The owner found this to be a fair and sufficient response …

The owner claimed that they spray for bugs often and had just bug-bombed the kitchen the previous night … Read more. 


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