First Swine Flu Case Reported

FLU UPDATE: First case of swine flu announced Oct. 6 … 

The swine flu is thought to be spread an infected pig coughs or sneezes. Flu shots do not protect against swine flu. IMAGE: Facebook

(Bryce Airgood, MLIVE) A child who visited the Allegan County Fair in Michigan last month tested positive for swine flu, the H3N2 variant influenza.

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There currently is no vaccine for H3N2v and the seasonal flu vaccine will not protect against it.

Symptoms of H3N2v infection are similar to seasonal flu viruses and can include fever and respiratory symptoms.

These include a cough and runny nose and possibly other symptoms such as body aches, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. Infections with influenza viruses can cause severe disease and complications, such as pneumonia which can lead to death.

The swine flu is thought to be spread from pigs to humans mainly when an infected pig coughs or sneezes and the droplets land in a person’s nose or mouth or they are inhaled. READ THE FULL STORY AT GRAND RAPIDS NEWS. Also of interest: How To Tell If It’s The Flu Or A Cold (and why it matters)