Filling Rx On Amazon: BIG Problem for CVS, Walgreens

Amazon private label health care offerings grow

| Amazon is steadily pushing further into health care, putting pressure on CVS and Walgreens

| – Amazon’s Basic Care over-the-counter drug offerings grew 19% month over month, outpacing any previous period since the private label was introduced.

During the same time, growth of the company’s Solimo private label offering of nutritional supplements and personal care items has slowed down, compared with recent months.

Both labels are competitively priced below CVS and Walgreens products.

Meanwhile, there are signs Amazon is readying for a bigger push into the prescription drug delivery space via its PillPack acquisition, the analysts said.

Dive Insight:

It remains to be seen how disruptive Amazon will be in the prescriptions space now that it has its own online pharmacy. The company snagged PillPack, which focuses on delivering individualized rolls of presorted medicines to people who manage multiple daily medications.

It now looks like Amazon is revving up for expansion of PillPack, Jeffries says, citing a new prescribing license in Washington state and licenses pending in Indiana and New Mexico. The pharmacy also has postings for pharmacy technicians and packaging and shipping jobs at its Phoenix distribution center.

“We feel that the strategic significance of the WA Rx license is especially intriguing, suggesting that AMZN is possibly laying the groundwork to leverage the PillPack asset … Read more. 


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