Lonely? Science says you may just need more sleep

Mike Wehner, BGR – Feelings of loneliness and social isolation can actually be triggered by a lack of good quality sleep.

Researchers suggest that those who make a habit of going without an adequate amount of sleep can not only end up feeling averse to social interaction but can even seem less appealing to friends, causing further isolation as a result.

“We humans are a social species. Yet sleep deprivation can turn us into social lepers,” Matthew Walker, a professor at Berkeley and senior author on the study, explains.

“The less sleep you get, the less you want to socially interact. In turn, other people perceive you as more socially repulsive, further increasing the grave social-isolation impact of sleep loss.

“That vicious cycle may be a significant contributing factor to the public health crisis that is loneliness.”

In each test, individuals who were experiencing degraded sleep were shown to be more antisocial than those who were getting plenty of quality shut-eye.

A single night of good rest can noticeably reverse the negative trends and set you on the right path.

So get some sleep!

Read the full story at BGR. 


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