Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Florida Hot Tubber

“Pimple” on butt cheek turns fatal 

(Jenn Holloway, ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., WFLA) She came to Florida for a family vacation. But what she took home changed her family forever.

It’s called necrotizing fasciitis, a flesh eating disease that took her life.

Carol Martin loved racing. Her husband, Richard, says that’s why they were in the Tampa Bay area.

“She loved going down to the racetrack. Every year, she couldn’t wait to get to there,” Richard said.

They stayed at the Days Inn, where Carol spent some time relaxing in the hot tub.

But when they got home to Indianapolis, she found an unusual sore.

“She had a pimple come up on her right butt cheek,” he said.

After two doctor visits and various antibiotics, “they finally decided to do a biopsy … That’s when they found out it was flesh eating bacteria,” he explained.

Carol was rushed into surgery and spent 16 days in the ICU.

Days after being released, the infection was too much for Carol’s body. She died at home. Read the full story at WFLA. 


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