Facebook Suspends Account Of Heartbroken Husband Who Posted Photo Of Dying Wife

The couple were told last Christmas that Donna had cervical cancer. IMAGES: Elliott Lowe, FACEBOOK

(The Sun) Elliott Lowe, 42, uploaded the image of Donna to his page to raise awareness of the misery cervical cancer can cause.

He revealed that his wife had postponed her last smear test and begged other women not to make the same mistake.

The battling mother-of-four died in August – less than eight months after she received her devastating diagnosis.

Elliott’s photos had already been shared thousands of times but now he says his post has vanished and fears his account has been blocked.

He said he learned the page had been suspended “due to unusual activities on it as a security procedure.”

He said: “I have been asked to supply a photo of me to confirm my identity, which I have done,” he said. “I am unable to contact them in any format to get my account reactivated.

Elliot’s moving photos had already been shared thousands of times before Facebook deleted them.

“I am extremely disappointed with the way Facebook has handled this situation.” See the full post and images at The Sun.