What Your ED Says About Your Life Expectancy

Erectile dysfunction can turn fatal, according to new research

(Ali Eaves, Men’s Health) Men with erectile dysfunction have a 70 percent increased risk for premature death.

ED is all about blood supply. Take steps now to avoid even worse cardiovascular problems later. 

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Poor cardiovascular health is the most common cause of ED, says Tobias Köhler, M.D., of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

So if you’re unable to get hard, it’s often an early sign that your heart is in trouble.

The vessels that carry blood to your penis are tiny, so they get clogged easily.

Time to get really serious about diet and exercise 

If plaque starts to build up in your vessels – thanks to a poor diet, a lack of exercise, smoking, age, or genetics – the blood flow to your penis is the first thing that will get blocked off.

That can make it impossible to get an erection.

If the plaque continues to build, it will start affecting larger arteries, like the ones that carry blood to and from your heart.

That’s why it’s crucial to get your ED checked out by a doctor. If you heed the early warning sign, you may be able to fix your cardiovascular problems before they become fatal.

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