Study: ED Leads to Depression

Erectile dysfunction and prostate problems lead to depression and sleep issues in men, according to science 

| Catharine Paddock Ph.D., Medical News Today – Men who have ED, prostate problems, or other urologic conditions are often at higher risk for depression and sleep disorders.

This was the main conclusion that investigators at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) came to after studying 124 men aged 54, on average, who were attending a clinic specializing in men’s health.

The analysis revealed an overall pattern of links between urologic conditions and mood and sleep problems.

A paper on the recent study now features in the International Journal of Impotence Research.

Commenting on the findings, first study author Arman S. Walia, of the Department of Urology at UCI, says that “because non-urologic disease may negatively impact urologic disease,” urologists should be aware of these associations when assessing the “entirety of a patient’s disease burden.”

Depression and sleep problems are common

Depression and sleep disorders are common and often occur together with other health problems.

Walia and his colleagues “evaluated the prevalence and associations of these conditions” in a group of men attending a “men’s health clinic.”

The research found that risk of depression and sleep problems was common among the men, particularly older ones and those who were overweight or experiencing “lower urinary tract symptoms.”

Mild to severe depression was indicated in 38 percent of the group, while 55 percent showed medium to high risk for sleep apnea and 18.1 percent indicated moderate to severe insomnia. Read the full story at Medical News Today


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