Ear Tinnitus – Recent Finding Brings New Hope For Cure

Condition causes ringing or buzzing in the ears …

(OLIVIA LERCHE, SUNDAY EXPRESS) Tinnitus can cause difficulty sleeping, anxiety and even depression.

Thirty percent of people will experience tinnitus at some point in their lives. Currently, there is no cure.  PHOTO: Jim Simonson, CC

There is no cure for tinnitus and scientists have struggled to understand why it occurs.

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However, a new study by experts at the University of Illinois has found chronic tinnitus is associated with changes in certain networks in the brain.

These changes in the brain cause the organ to stay at attention – and less at rest.

Experts have said the findings could pose new hope for future treatments – because it gives scientists hope for an ‘objective measurement’.

“Tinnitus is invisible,” said study leader Fatima Husain, a professor of speech and hearing science at the University of Illinois.

“It cannot be measured by any device we have, the way we can measure diabetes or hypertension.

“So you can have this constant sound in your head, but nobody else can hear it and they may not believe you.

“They may think it’s all in your imagination. Medically, we can only manage some symptoms, not cure it, because we don’t understand what’s causing it.” READ THE FULL STORY AT SUNDAY EXPRESS.