Don’t touch these TWO objects if you don’t want to get the Aussie flu

Fears raised that a severe strain of Aussie flu is going global

(CLAUDIA TANNER, MAIL ONLINE) If you want to avoid picking up a cold or flu, don’t touch these TWO objects, warns a British pharmacist.

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Pharmacist Angela Chalmer has given her tips to prevent getting ill. Her alert comes after fears raised that a severe strain of Aussie flu is headed to other countries.

Complications include bronchitis and pneumonia for vulnerable people.

Placing your hands on shop counters and bus handle bars can be the first step to picking up a cold or the flu, according Chalmer. [The same applies to any surface commonly touched by others – door handles, grocery carts, self-service gas pumps, etc. – Editor]

What to do immediately if you DO touch one of these off-limits items 

She is urging people to wash their hands thoroughly after they’ve blown their nose and use lots of soap to in a bid to curtail the expected severe Aussie flu outbreak.

Antiviral gel provides a good quick-fix if you can’t find a hand wash basin straight away, she said.

And a nasal spray will also help to fight off the virus at the first signs of infection, she added.

Her warning came after fears have been raised that a severe strain of Aussie flu is heading to Britain.

The country is bracing itself for a surge in patients struck down by the virus – particularly, the elderly.

“Help prevent getting a cold by being careful not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth when you’ve been in public spaces as this can transfer the virus to yourself,” Ms. Chalmer told The Express.

“Particular watch-outs are handle bars on public transport and shop counters.

“When cough and cold seasons strikes, make sure you’re prepared by keeping a nasal spray close to hand to help fight the first signs of cold and flu symptoms.”

When you wash your hands, she advises doing so for as long as it takes to sing Happy Birthday to yourself twice. READ THE FULL STORY AT THE DAILY MAIL. Also of interest: Record Rates of Flu Cases Inundate Aussie ER’s; What It Means for U.S.