Trump, George Washington Have This In Common, Apparently

What’s This Obsession with Trump’s Teeth?

(Newsweek) Donald Trump’s teeth became an unexpected talking point following his speech on the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on Wednesday, after his slurred words made it appear he may be wearing dentures.

The president’s pronunciation of the United States—which sounded slurred—set tongues wagging, with a number of social media users questioning whether Trump was wearing false teeth.

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A clip from the president’s speech on Jerusalem appeared to show him struggling to enunciate certain words and sucking in his teeth—in a move that did not go unnoticed by the Twittersphere.

“Trump’s false teeth so unhappy with his Jerusalem speech they summarily tried to fly out of his mouth,” a user wrote. Others suggested the president’s teeth had “joined the resistance” in protest at his decision to begin plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

“Looking forward to Trump’s dentist’s letter saying he has the most beautiful terrific real teeth ever elected to the presidency,” another user added.

Appearing to struggle to get through the final part of his speech on Jerusalem, Trump had trouble getting out a number of words and lisped his way through as he expressed hopes for peace and state: “God bless the United Shtesh.” Displayed with permission from Newsweek via Repubhub.