How Dogs Teach Us To Stop Worrying And Just Be Happy

Seeing life through a dog’s eyes could your path to peace and happiness.

(Dana McMahan, NBC News)

40 million American adults live with anxiety.

One of those chronic worriers was Tom Baker, author of the new book “One Dog’s Faith: How My Dog Helped Me Trust in God and Overcome Chronic Worrying.”

When Baker tried to see life through Mango’s eyes, he found relief from worry and a path to peace and happiness.

Baker shared his top tips in his book.


1. Dogs Live For Today

The biggest thing I learned from Mango was the word ‘today.’ She lives for now. That’s all that exists to her. If a chew toy breaks, she puts it down and finds another one. So what?

As a human, I hold on to yesterday. I hold on to last week. Dogs can care less.

That was the number one secret — just get out of yesterday, and enjoy today. Today is an adventure and it is ours to enjoy.

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2. Dogs Don’t Procrastinate

While humans allow excuses to get in the way, dogs don’t wait for all the pieces to come together. When it’s time to play, to eat, to go … they don’t let ‘buts’ get in the way.

3. Dogs Stick Their Head Out The Window And Find Joy

When Mango gets to ride in the car, the first thing she’ll do is press her nose up against the window to say, ‘Please roll down the window.’ There are so many smells and blessings out there. I watch her. She wants to take it all in, and that was one of the other things that really helped me in times of worry.

Blessings are everywhere. When we’re worried, we just focus so much on the problem or the struggle and forget to stick our head out the window and just look.

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