Doc Offers $57 Per Stool Donor, Gets Loads of Volunteers

Hospital dumps stool study after donor deluge; doctor protests, “this is a serious study” 

| AFP – A Paris hospital which made a public appeal for stool samples for a study on intestinal diseases said Friday it had suspended the project after being inundated by donors hoping for an easy 50 euros.

“We had to cancel the call for donors and halt the study because it had gotten out of control,” said professor Harry Sokol, gastroenterologist at Saint-Antoine hospital.

Originally donors were sought via posters offering compensation of 50 euros ($57).

“Someone took a picture and it spread rapidly on the internet and social media,” Sokol said.

The telephone hotline and email for potential donors were quickly overwhelmed, “and even after we cut off people were calling the switchboard, some even showed up in person,” he said.

“It’s a very serious, large-scale study, with a long waiting list of patients” hoping to participate, Sokol said, adding that many were “devastated” over the project’s suspension. Read more.


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