NY Doc Blabs Away on Cellphone During Surgery, Woman Sues

(HEADLINE HEALTH) Having surgery is something most of us undergo perhaps once or twice in a lifetime.

For any patient, there is no such thing as ‘routine surgery.’ Going under the knife is always a big deal — for the patient, and we want to assume, for the surgeon.

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But as in any line of work, surgery has it’s slackers. Some surgeons seem to feel that they can cut open a patient and rearrange their tissues while carrying on life as usual – such as holding mundane cell phone conversations while the patient is on the operating table.

Sure, multitasking is great, even necessary. But it seems that when a patient is under anesthesia – which itself can be life-threatening – a surgeon should have a singular focus on the patient.

One New York surgeon who felt a liberty to tend to personal business while simultaneously using a scalpel is now facing a potential day in court … the the story below from the Associated Press.

Woman sues surgeon for using cellphone while operating on her

(AP) A New York woman has sued a doctor, claiming he used his cellphone during surgery.

The Journal News reports 70-year-old Mary Edwards filed suit against Dr. Eric Fishman seeking monetary damages.

Fishman operated on Edwards to fix varicose veins twice in 2017.

Edwards’ attorney says she was terrified. Edwards claims Fishman later explained he was taking a Spanish proficiency test during the surgery.

See the full story at deccanchronicle.com.

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