Desperate Man Offers Up His Truck and 1 of His Kidneys to Anyone Who Can Save Dying Wife

(PEOPLE) Verlon Robinson is desperate to save the life of his beloved wife, Marie, who is dying from progressive liver damage —and he is willing to offer anything to get help.

Robinson’s wife, Marie, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver three years ago, and has since waited to receive a liver transplant to extend her life. Though she is on the transplant list, she hasn’t been placed high enough to receive one yet.

“I see my wife just getting sicker and sicker, and I hear stories of people who wait too long, and they die, they just can’t recover,” Robinson, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I don’t want it to go that far, and it shouldn’t go that far.”

With Robinson feeling time running out, he took to Facebook on May 3 to make a public plea for volunteers to visit UCSF Medical Center to see if they would be a viable candidate to donate part of their liver.

“We have been married for 25 years and it breaks my heart when I think about losing her,” Robinson, of Sanger, California, wrote in his post.

“I would do anything to trade places with her but as you know that’s impossible. So please if you are O positive or negative blood type and would consider giving her some of your liver we have insurance that would cover all surgeries.”

In an effort to make people consider donating, Robinson wrote that he was willing to give the donor his 2004 Dodge pickup truck and a tent trailer. On top of that, Robinson said he would donate his kidney, as well.

“I sat down and asked God to put what he wanted me to write in my head,” Robinson remembers. “I sat there and poured my heart out.”

All of those things were expendable to Robinson, he says, if it meant he could somehow save his wife, who has always tried to remain positive despite her illness. Read the full story at PEOPLE.

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