Denver City Council Okays Public Crackhouse, Denver – The City Council has passed an ordinance to create a supervised drug use site pilot program.

The site is intended to provide a safe space for injection that is supervised by trained staff, helping prevent overdose deaths and the transfer of preventable diseases. [There is no such thing as a “safe space” for injection of an unsafe substance. – Editor]

The ordinance passed, 12-1. State lawmakers still have to approve the site.

The site also helps connect drug users with treatment and health care support, according to Councilman Albus Brooks.

“When you view someone simply as an addict, it is easy to stigmatize them and ignore their pain; when you view them as your neighbor, you see their story as connected to yours and feel called to act,” Brooks said. ”

Republican House minority leader Patrick Neville disagrees.

“My heart goes out to Coloradans who find themselves in these difficult situations and need help,”  he said in a statement. “But so-called safe injections sites are a bad policy for Denver and everyone who lives and works in this city.”

“It makes no sense for City Council to think that it will decrease drug use by facilitating the same drug use that everyone wants to see diminished. We should not enable the kind of behavior that we want to discourage.” Read more. 


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