Dems Want Repeal of ‘Unfair’ Sex, HIV Laws

Lorie Shaull, CC BY-SA 2.0

‘It’s not fair, and it needs to change…’

(Claire Russel, Liberty Headlines) As part of his broader LGBT rights policy plan, presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg said he supports repealing HIV disclosure laws.

During a CNN town hall, which focused largely on LGBT issues, host Anderson Cooper asked Buttigieg what he would do to address the “antiquated” HIV laws, adding that they’re based on “old science.” Both Cooper and Buttigieg are homosexual.

Buttigieg agreed that laws criminalizing HIV nondisclosure should be repealed. “It’s not fair, and it needs to change,” he said.

Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Cory Booker, D-NJ, also advocated for decriminalizing HIV disclosure. Booker went so far as to call HIV disclosure laws “draconian.”

Experts have pointed out that HIV disclosure laws preserve the safety and health of LGBT individuals. Without them, LGBT persons could be knowingly and intentionally infected. And the argument that medical advances have reduced HIV transmission doesn’t mean the disease isn’t still easily passed around.

In her LGBT-rights plan, Warren also advocates for: a nationwide ban on conversion therapy, a new program to fight violence against minority transgender women, a new medication that would reduce the risk of contracting HIV and a complete decriminalization of all sex work.

Both Warren and Buttigieg suggested during the town hall that if they cannot pass their plans through Congress, they would use an executive order to make them a reality.

Executive action would be necessary to make sure “much of our country” doesn’t face the “discrimination and the ever-present fear continue to govern aspects of LGBTQ people’s lives,” Buttigieg said in his policy platform.

Do Democrats really favor secret HIV transmission and tax-funded sex changes for prisoners? Yes, they do

October 11, 2019

Washington Examiner –Democratic presidential candidates have lurched so far into crazyville on all matters related to sex and gender that even a badly tarnished President Trump might be able to win reelection against them on those grounds alone.

My colleague Brad Polumbo rightly calls it “insane” that at least three of the candidates want to decriminalize the nondisclosure of known HIV infection to sexual partners. If anything, he understates the case.

The proposal is a moral monstrosity. It would allow one person to knowingly subject another to what could be a deadly poison, without the other’s knowledge or consent. That’s depraved.

Yet that’s hardly the only example of bizarrely counter-cultural positions on sexuality that these candidates push. Take Elizabeth Warren. At an Oct. 10 town hall, the Massachusetts senator said that prison inmates who say they are transgender are “entitled” to gender reassignment surgery with taxpayers footing the bill. Such surgery, she said, is “medical care that they need.”

This is wrongheaded on multiple levels. First, it is misguided ever to use earnings confiscated from taxpayers to finance a purely elective surgery, much less surgery to which many might object for religious reasons.

And, no matter what the new avatars of sexuality say, gender reassignment surgery is elective. It is not a physical necessity for health. Human beings have walked the Earth for hundreds of millennia without ever “needing” to have private parts re-fashioned.

It is also wrongheaded because it continues a morally confused trend of treating prisoners as victims of fate. They are not. They are criminals.

They were imprisoned because they preyed upon the property, the persons, or the rights of fellow citizens. In doing so, they forfeited many privileges and some rights otherwise pertaining to free men.

They deserved to forfeit them. They brought it upon themselves through their own choices. Read more.