Deacon Bill, 70, Died In The Most Embarrassing Way

In his online profile on a gay sex site, Bill posted his real first name, his true age, the names and zip codes of the Pennsylvania towns where he lived and worked, and a full frontal nude photo; many of the personal details he shared were redacted in red by another publisher, but they missed a few – which we’ve redacted in green. The image included in his obituary shows Bill as a retired firefighter and respected community leader. WARNING: this story may be shocking to some readers; we share it in hopes of sparing others a similar experience.

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In order to spare Bill’s family further public humiliation, we’re leaving some personally identifying information out of our exclusive coverage. Unfortunately, Bill himself was the source of the information – and images – that caused his loved ones the most pain. That information will be on the internet forever.  READER DISCRETION.

Headline Health Exclusive – Bill (he proudly used his real name) was a retired teacher, a volunteer firefighter, a deacon in the church, and grandfather – and an enthusiastic participant in gay sex sites for older men.

Bill died of a heart attack recently while live streaming images of himself … images of himself masturbating.

Initial details were reported by

A 69-year-old married man who was simply identified as Bill and said to be based in Eastern Pennsylvania has reportedly died of heart attack in the course of a masturbation spree, which he streamed live.

In the nearly 10 minutes of a video that went viral, his wife found him lying unconscious and called in the paramedics.

All efforts to revive him proved abortive, though.

His profile on a sex and dating site shows his sexual versatility.

Bill had actually turned 70 years old by the time of his death; the report above used the age Bill gave in his online post on the gay sex site.


But Bill did not stop with his name and age in sharing his personal details with the world. Not by a long shot.

He also posted the name of his hometown (which is not in eastern Pennsylvania – it is a town elsewhere in Pennsylvania that begins with the word East), his zip code, plus the name of a nearby town (mentioned three times) where he hoped to meet potential lovers – the same town where he served as deacon of the Presbyterian church. His online handle in gay sex sites was ‘Bill’ followed by the zip code of that town.

Bill also posted a fully naked, head-to-toe photo of himself taken outdoors. And once you’ve gone that far, there’s really no limit – so Bill decided to go ahead and live steam himself masturbating.

That decision turned very ugly. Bill dropped dead while fondling himself naked and with his webcam turned on. Ten minutes into was turned out to be Bill’s final performance – with the camera still on – his wife walked into the room and found him dead in a chair in front of his computer.

Bill’s wife – er, widow – was now part of Bill’s live stream, bent over her dead husband’s body. This detail is especially ironic in that Bill went to great lengths in his online profile to say that he was “totally discrete” [sic] – also mentioned three times.

Bill had even mentioned his wife in his profile: “I always preferred men for sex, even while f*cking my wife.”

News of what Bill was up to at the time of his death was leaked, perhaps by those he was live streaming with, or possibly by paramedics who – given that Bill was a longtime volunteer firefighter in the area – would have known him personally.

With his first name, age, zip code, and photo all posted online – by himself – along with the date of his death, this editor quickly found Bill’s obituary in his hometown newspaper.


The obit extols Bill’s life as a public school teacher, Army reservist, firefighter, church deacon, father and grandfather. “His grandchildren were the love of his life”, it reads; well, they were some of the loves of his life.

Bill clearly accomplished much in his life. He was respected and trusted by many. However, Bill made the mistake of thinking that his online life was private, when in fact his very actions made the most private parts of his life very public.

Possibly the stress of getting caught and the guilt over his secret life contributed to his fatal heart attack. Bottom line, Bill probably should have sought out a healthier hobby than being a 70-year-old internet sex performer.


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In spite of being married with many friends, associates, and loved ones, Bill died naked and alone. His final moments were recorded in a video that he himself created – a video that ended up on LiveLeak.