David Copperfield: His Last Trick Went Horribly Wrong

David Copperfield has been found …

(CNN) A jury in Las Vegas found magician David Copperfield negligent but not financially liable for a British tourist’s injuries.

Gavin Cox took part in Copperfield’s signature disappearing trick, and said he suffered brain injuries when he fell during the performance.

The jury ruled Cox was “100% ” responsible for his injuries.

In the trick, volunteers are placed in a cage that hovers over the stage. Copperfield then reveals the 13 at the back of the room.

Cox says he suffered brain damage after he tripped backstage and fell into a dark construction zone.

The multimillion-dollar lawsuit not only named Copperfield, but also MGM Grand Hotel and at least three other companies.

Copperfield told the court Cox participated in the trick, referred to as the “vanishing crowd or Lucky 13,” and ran the course with no problems.

Copperfield testified that he found out about the injury a year later, and said he has not performed the routine since 2015, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Read the full story at CNN.

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