Cutest Kid EVER: Bullied for Facial Differences, He’s All Smiles Now (VIDEO)

Boy bullied for having different-colored eyes, cleft lip adopts cat that looks like him

(Michelle Ewing, Cox Media) A bullied Oklahoma boy and his adorable new best friend look like they could be twins — well, almost.

According to “Today,” Madden Humphreys, 7, started feeling sad after other children made fun of his cleft lip and different-colored eyes. (Major League Baseball superstar pitcher Max Scherzer has the same condition, known as heterochromia iridum.)

“He wasn’t (insecure) until other kids started pointing it out to him and then saying not nice things to him,” his mother, Christina Humphreys, told “Today.”

But Christina soon found something she knew would cheer him up — a rescue cat that looked like her son.

“This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota.

“Not only does he have a cleft lip like Madden, he also has heterochromia iridum, like Madden.

“They were destined to be best friends. Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone.”

“Moon, the kitty, and Madden are the perfect companions for each other. In a word full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love.”

Meet Madden.Madden is an Owasso seven year old who was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. To date, he has undergone a total of six surgeries, and has many more to go.Madden is usually spunky, outgoing, friendly, kind, and fun! Unfortunately, he had a bully on the school bus this year that started affecting how he felt about himself.When his parents found out, they worked to help change his perception on bullies.Now that he’s back to his normal spunky self, he’s eager for everyone to know that he’s special. He wants to remind the world that being a “poophead” to someone really isn’t cool, as he shows you in his video…….Then, if you feel like it, share his message with others.

Posted by Owassoisms on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

See the full story at Images: Christina Humphreys


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