Cruel and Unusual? NC Inmate’s Penis Amputated

“Intercourse is a distant memory.”

| AP – A North Carolina man says he lost his penis to cancer that went undiagnosed while he spent months in prison.

Records show 49-year-old Keith Jackson received antibiotics for urinary infections and a lesion on his penis. A memo from a prison nurse says Jackson reported he was kicked by guards for complaining about lack of medical attention.

Jackson received a biopsy in August 2015, and underwent surgery that December. Read more. 

Ex-inmate says undiagnosed penile cancer led to amputation

Charlotte News-Observer – Keith Jackson spends his days dealing with phantom pains in his groin.

He has to sit when he urinates. Sexual intercourse is a distant memory.

Jackson, 49, of Pender County, the owner of a small home-framing business, lost his penis to a rare form of cancer.

It happened after he had spent 15 months in six North Carolina jails and two prisons with what he says had once been a small lesion that hadn’t been properly diagnosed.

By the time a surgeon operated on the cancer, it was too late.


Jackson said he took responsibility for the gun charge that landed him in prison. He now wants the local jails, federal prison and health care providers to do the same over his care.

“Everybody should be accountable for this,” Jackson said. “And all I asked for was help.”

Jackson has filed two lawsuits in federal court. One is against officials and staff at the six jails that held him, two health-care providers that served three of the jails, the U.S. Marshals Service and the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The other is against the federal government under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Medical records from the jails show he had reported urinary tract infections numerous times and was in severe pain when the lesion caused his penis to swell and bleed as he sat in the Onslow and Pender county jails three months after his arrest.

A doctor prescribed antibiotics. The records indicate the medical staff considered a sexually transmitted disease to be the likely cause. [Agents Hunt Trailer Parks, Back Roads for STD Carriers]

Another three months passed. The medical records show the problems with the lesion persisted, as he was taken to the Pender County Health Department to examine a “sore” on his penis. He was prescribed more antibiotics.

“Through all this nobody took a sample (for a biopsy), nobody,” he said. Read more. 


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