Criminal Charges For Man Who Defied Measles Quarantine

File photo: Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0

Wisconsin man exposed to measles violated quarantine to go to the gym, prosecutors say

| By Karma Allen, Mar 6, 2019

| ABC News – A Wisconsin man is facing criminal charges for allegedly violating a measles quarantine and going to the gym.

Prosecutors filed charges against Jeffery Murawski, 57, and his wife, 58-year-old Christine Bennett.

Health officials ordered Murawski to stay inside his home for 21 days due to possible exposure to measles last April, but prosecutors say he managed to escape with help from his wife.

Murawski was quarantined after staying at the same hotel as a family with the measles.

Prosecutors said officers were posted outside the couple’s home in Brookfield, Wisconsin, but Murawski “hid in his wife’s vehicle” and left for the gym.

His wife said she went along with the plan “against her better judgment,” and Murawski apologized “profusely” when an officer found the two of them outside.

“Jeffery stated that he needed to get out of the house because he was going crazy and has been on quarantine,” the complaint said.

The couple could face up to 30 days in jail if convicted. Read more. 


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