Craziest Home Remedy Fails

Doctors share the most ridiculous DIY treatments they’ve ever seen | – “I once had to explain to a family that putting lemon juice in the eyes of an unconscious patient isn’t an approved treatment method.”

None of us love going to the doctor’s office. That’s why the over-the-counter medical industry is so massive; the market’s expected to exceed $178 billion by 2024, and that’s just the legitimate stuff.

Add in healing crystals, homeopathic remedies, and other alternative treatments, and it’s clear that Americans will do just about anything to avoid actual medical care.

But while people have some pretty inventive home remedies, DIY treatments aren’t exactly effective. They often make the problem much worse—even if they make for great stories.

Physicians, nurses, and other professionals shared the stories of the craziest home treatments they’ve seen.

If you didn’t go to medical school, don’t assume that you know what you’re doing

“When I used to work in the ER, a kid had a gash across his forearm after he fell while motorbiking,” wrote one medic. “He and his friends superglued the two sides of the gash together.”

“I mean, maybe in a different situation—if they didn’t have access to medical care—that would be the right thing to do, but definitely not right in this situation. We needed to clean out the wound first, and the superglue did not make that process easier.”

“A patient ‘came to be stabbed’ (it was never clear if it was self-inflicted or by someone else) out in the middle of nowhere,” wrote another.

“It was a small but very deep wound; the guy decided to avoid medical care and superglue it shut. Please don’t anyone do that with a dirty wound. I’ve never seen so much pus come out of anything.”

Duly noted. We’ll just stick with Gorilla Glue instead. Read more.