When the Cost of Getting Healthy Is Your Sex Drive

These drugs act like a wet blanket; here’s what you can do about it … 

(HANNA BROOKS OLSEN, GREATIST) We’ve all seen those ads for prescription drugs—you know, the ones featuring attractive people relaxing in bathtubs and playing on boats, followed by a rapid-fire list of side effects ranging from dry mouth to, you know, death.

Some commonly prescribed drugs can reduce (or completely obliterate) your sex drive and ability to finish the job.

And these ads certainly seem to be doing the job; people definitely seem to be asking their doctor if drugs are right for them.

Mayo Clinic estimates that 70 percent of Americans on at least one prescription drug.

Unfortunately, some of these drugs can reduce (or completely obliterate) your sex drive and ability to finish the job.

To avoid patients abandoning treatment altogether, a lot of psychiatrists are willing to work with patients to find, if not a solution, then at least a compromise.

“Sometimes a dose reduction (or brief one or two-day ‘holiday’ from medication) improves the problem, but for other patients, sexual side effects don’t remit until the medication is stopped,” says Dan Goodman, M.D., of The Midtown Practice for Psychotherapy and Psychiatry.

“Some people with side effects may choose to continue medication anyway, as benefits are sometimes very meaningful and may outweigh the side effects.

“But weighing the importance of therapeutic benefits against side effects is always a highly personal and individualized decision.”

Nicole Prause, Ph.D., a sexual psychophysiologist who studies these exact side effects, says the most important thing is to be very frank with your healthcare provider—after all, they’re medical professionals.

Be straight, be clear,” she says. “They know exactly why you are asking, and are used to adjusting for it.”

These side effects shouldn’t surprise your doctor, Prause says, and they should be willing to work with you—especially if it means not going off your medication.

But there are also cases when doctors may not immediately weigh these consequences. Read the full story at Greatist.com.

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