Cops Beg Public To Go Easy On Woman Who Drowned Her Dog

Nancy Bucciarelli (Mugshot, Merrimack N.H. Police Department)

| By Liz Markhlevskaya, Jun 17, 2019

Patch Staff – A New Hampshire woman is receiving threats after being charged with drowning her golden retriever at a town park.

Nancy Bucciarelli, 66, turned herself in to Merrimack police Friday on an animal cruelty charge.

Police say she pushed her dog Bailey from a dock into Naticook Lake on June 8 and did nothing to help while the dog struggled to swim and eventually died. Witnesses to the incident tried to save the dog but it was too late.

The dog drowned in 3.5 feet of water. RELATED: Dog Saves Woman From Cancer 3 Different Times

Police say that witnesses stated the dog appeared old and winded while being out on a walk earlier.

On Saturday, police said that although the charge against Bucciarelli is “disturbing,” they are asking the public to use restraint when commenting on social media.

Police Chief Denise Roy said:

“We are imploring the public to allow the justice system to work and to refrain from comments which are cruel in nature. We teach our children to not bully and some of the comments contradict what we teach.”

The charge against Bucciarelli is a misdemeanor that carries the maximum possible penalty of one year in jail in addition to fines. Read more. 


Bullying can result in serious mental health problems, leading to depression and even suicide.

Some Facebook comments addressed to Nancy Bucciarelli include: 

  • “If only your dog could have stayed away from the biggest idiot of all – YOU.”
  • “This makes me sick!😡”
  • “I hope you get prison time. Nobody likes people who hurt animals. I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends behind bars.”
  • “This dog trusted and loved you!!!!! 😭”

What’s your opinion: 

  • Should the public heed the police chief’s request and “refrain from comments which are cruel in nature”?
  • Or does a woman who drowns her elderly dog need to hear what others think?  
  • Is it even proper for a police chief to attempt to discourage public comment on a criminal matter?

Post your views in the Comments section below.