Cop Tases, Hospitalizes 86-Year-Old Motorist

Cop: ‘He took up a fighting stance against myself’ … 

Kingstree SC police chief explains why his officer Tased an 86-year-old resident. The victim’s attorney replied, “If you cannot restrain an 86-year-old, you need to eat some spinach.” IMAGE: Youtube

(Alberto Luperon, Lawnewz) An 86-year-old South Carolina man reportedly sustained serious injuries after cops tased him.

The elderly man suffered bleeding on his brain and a broken nose and was put in a medically induced coma.

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In his incident report, Officer Stephen Sweikata said believed the man was trying to escape, so he turned on his cruisers blue lights.

The driver, Albert Chatfield, stopped after running a red light, police said.

Sweikata told him to get on the ground, but he allegedly didn’t comply.

“Chatfield ignored all these orders and took up a fighting stance against myself,” Sweikata said in the report.

Cops said they wouldn’t charge him with “acting disorderly” because of his health problem.

“If you cannot restrain an 86-year-old, you need to eat some spinach,” said Bamberg.

“It’s unconstitutional to Tase someone just because they’re not listening. Plus, he’s 86.” Read the full story at