Clever Dad Dodges $38,000 Rx Bill, Will Not Face Charges

A devoted dad makes the day-long drive to and from Canada to get his son’s medication at an affordable price. File photo, Dennis van Zuijlekom, CC BY-SA 2.0

How did this brilliant dad ‘cheat’ drug makers out of $38,000? 

His clever hack is 100% legal, and Big Pharma can’t do a thing to stop it 

| CBS News – Jon Yeagley said his 21-year-old son has a condition that caused him to start losing his hair around the seventh grade.

Only one treatment worked but the drug was not covered by Yeagley’s health insurance. So every three months, he drives 6.5 hours to Canada to buy the medicine.

“So right now, I’m paying $15,000 a year for this medicine, which costs in the United States $53,000 a year which I feel is… at best, criminal,” Yeagley said. “There’s no reason why an American should pay three times what somebody in Canada or Europe or Mexico has to pay.”

That sentiment was echoed by Tuesday night by President Donald Trump:

“I am asking Congress to pass legislation that finally takes on the problem of global freeloading and delivers fairness and price transparency for American patients, finally.”

Last week, the administration proposed “a rule to lower prescription drug prices… by encouraging manufacturers to pass discounts directly onto patients” instead of giving those rebates to middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers, or PBMs.

“Prices can vary a lot. The same medication could be $8 at one pharmacy and $58 down the street. You just don’t know until you ask,” founder and CEO Jeanne Pinder said.

For Yeagley, reform can’t come soon enough.

“To my son, the medicine is priceless. I mean, it’s given him an entirely new identity,” Yeagley said. “I believe it has meant everything to him. It’s made a tremendous difference in his personality and his well-being.” Read more.


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