Chuck Norris: ‘Big Pharma poisoned my wife’

Chuck Norris’s wife Gena: “I am broken.”

Chuck Norris

(Bruce Y. Lee, FORBES) Martial artist Chuck Norris and his wife Gena have filed suit in San Francisco Superior Court, alleging that Gena was poisoned by toxic chemicals used to enhance magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans.

Chuck Norris’s wife Gena O’Kelley after heavy metal MRI: “I am broken.” IMAGE: WEBN-TV, CC

The Norrises claim that in late 2012, Gena began experiencing heart pounding and an intense burning in her body after undergoing three MRI scans over an eight day period.

Despite multiple hospital visits, her symptoms continued to worsen, until she had to leave Texas and travel as far as China to receive controversial alternative treatments such as chelation therapy and stem cell treatments.

Victimize Chuck Norris’s wife? BIG mistake

Although her symptoms have since improved, she still has not returned to normal, as she suffers cramps in her hands and “it feels like a hot poker is going up my spine.”

Gena was quoted as saying, “I am broken. I don’t blame the doctors at all, because (companies) have been keeping things hidden and in the shadows.”

At issue is the use of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCA). Gadolinium is a heavy metal that could be highly toxic to humans.

However, MRI contrast agents include a chelating agent bound to gadolinium that is supposed to prevent this toxicity.

Injecting such contrast agents into the veins is supposed to help doctors better see blood vessels, organs, and/or tumors on an MRI scan.

Will the Norris lawsuit be successful? Do their claims have merit? And will more claims of MRI toxicity emerge as a result of a celebrity like Chuck Norris bringing attention to GBCAs?

Time and the details of what actually happened to Gena Norris will tell.

Gena O’Kelley in happier days; the celebrity spouse says she is ‘broken’ five years after undergoing a series of toxic MRIs.


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