Chrissy Teigen Can’t Start Her Day Without These 2 Foods

Hollywood diet tips that are actually worth following

(JOANNA FANOTOZZI, INSIDER) Hollywood is not exactly known for dispensing sound dietary advice. From Instagram-friendly detox diets to eating baby food, celebrity-backed diets range from bizarre to dangerous.

Chrissy Teigen can’t start her day without two fave foods. Photo by ultrakml

We spoke with several nutritionists who laid out some Hollywood diet tips are actually worth following.

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As most busy, on-the-go celebrities will know, there is an optimal time for snacking,” Frida Harju, nutritionist at Swedish health app Lifesum, told INSIDER.

“The best time to grab an afternoon protein snack is between 3 and 4 p.m. Eating protein at this time of day will boost your metabolism and lower your blood sugar at the same time.”

Chrissy Teigen: Always have eggs for breakfast

“I can’t do pancakes or else I just want to go to bed,” Teigen said. “I have to have eggs every day. I like a farmer’s breakfast: two over-easy eggs, turkey bacon or pork sausage, sliced avocado, and grilled tomatoes..”

“To keep your energy levels up until lunch, you need to fuel up on good protein,” Harju agrees. “Simple carbohydrates, such as bread, burn quickly, making you feel lethargic and tired when your sugar level dips as a consequence.”

Katy Perry: Keep your meals simple

Singer Katy Perry is just one of the Hollywood elite who have followed the Five Factor Diet, a meal plan that focuses on five-ingredient meals from five key food groups. It all boils down to simplicity.

“While it might sound like a diet fad, keeping the number of different flavors on your plate to a minimum can help you to eat less,” Harju said. “When you add a new flavor to a meal, it renews your appetite, causing you to eat more. Like spaghetti bolognese — once you add Parmesan cheese, that dish becomes a whole lot more interesting.” READ FULL POST AT INSIDER.COM (Chrissy Teigen photo, Facebook)