‘My co workers said they were gonna get chipotle … ‘

and that was the worst decision of my life.’ 

| Diarrhea epidemic at Chipotle; Headline Health warned of this …

As reported here last week, a crowd sourced food safety website is showing its ability to nip food poisoning outbreaks in the bud.

iwaspoisoned.com has been flooded with 204 reports from consumers who’ve suffered diarrhea, nausea and vomiting from eating at Chipotle in the past 7 days.      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Seven days after being featured on Headline Health, iwaspoinsoned.com has uncovered a  nationwide epidemic – 204 food poisoning reports from Chipotle locations in just seven days.

Other current reports on iwaspoisoned.com from Chipotle patrons include:

  • “I ate at chipotle Monday at 4pm, By 7pm it was coming out of both ends.” West Nyack, NY, 12/21/2017
  • “I went to work at 2:30 pm yesterday, my co workers said they were gonna get chipotle and that was the worst decision of my life.” Teterboro NJ, 12/21/2107
  • My daughther had to go to the ER hours after being food poisoned.” Los Angeles, CA, 12/21/2017

Readers of Headline Health learned of iwaspoisoned.com in a featured report last week and had the opportunity to avoid this coast-to-coast oubreak by signing up for the site’s alerts. Coverage continues below …

Chipotle customers sick in L.A.; investigation underway


Chipotle Mexican Grill’s stock is dropping like a rock today after reports of several cases of norovirus infections among customers of one of the chain’s Los Angeles locations.

The Los Angeles Health Department has confirmed it knows about the reports. The department activated its Acute Communicable Disease Control unit to investigate the situation.

While the Los Angeles Health Department has activated its Acute Communicable Disease Control unit to investigate Chipotle, a spokesman for the company claims  there is “no clinical validation” for the reported illnesses. Image: inazakira, CC

It’s too early in the investigation for the health department to speculate on the scope of the possible outbreak.

At least five people in two separate dining parties reported classic symptoms of norovirus infection after eating at the restaurant on or around Dec. 13, according to the website iwaspoisoned.com.

The website, founded by Patrick Quade, has accurately identified several foodborne illness outbreaks associated with restaurants, including an outbreak in July linked to a Chipotle restaurant in Sterling, VA.

Chipotle’s spokesman Chris Arnold said the Denver-based burrito chain is aware of three reports about the Los Angeles restaurant at 4550 W. Pico Blvd.

He said none of the implicated customers have contacted the company.

Even though there is “no clinical validation” for the reported illnesses, Chipotle launched “heightened” sanitization efforts at the restaurant.

Bloomberg News is reporting the beleaguered company’s stock is tumbling today, with shares down at least 3.4 percent as of midday.

“The latest report sent the shares down as much as 3.4 percent to $302.60, marking the biggest intraday drop since Nov. 13. Even before the decline, the stock had fallen 17 percent this year,” Bloomberg reported.

A series of outbreaks among hundreds of Chipotle customers across the country in the last six months of 2015 started the company’s fall from more than $750 per share in July that year to less than half that by January 2016.

Those outbreaks included bacterial pathogens as well as norovirus. © Food Safety News; republished with permission. Previously on Headline Health: Genius Website Outs America’s Filthiest Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives