Cher, 71, Stays Fabulous with THIS 5-Minute Exercise

We asked Cher for her physique and beauty secrets …

(CNN) The superstar talked to People about her physique and beauty secrets.

Cher has gained a “whopping” 20 pounds. Photo by iron_smyth48, CC

She said she keeps her costumes in a special temperature-controlled unit to preserve them. Wearing them again isn’t really an option now, she said, because she’s no longer the same size

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“My whole life I was 106 pounds, and I haven’t been that in a million years,” she said. “I can’t really get into most of them. There’s a big difference between 106 and 126.”

That’s right. Cher has gained a whopping 20 pounds.

The one exercise keeps Cher in great shape 

At 71, the legendary star stays in great shape with the help of daily planks, which she can do for three to five minutes.

She also has a surprising skin care routine.

“I have a friend, Dr. Barbara Sturm, and she makes an eye cream and face wash that I love,” Cher said. “I love Jan Marini products too. I also have Proactiv products that I love.”

This exercise – the plank position – helps Cher stay fabulous at 71. PHOTO:

The singer enjoys seeing that the younger generation, including Kim Kardashian West, have adopted her trademark straight, with a part down the middle, hairstyleREAD THE FULL STORY AT CNN.COM

How to Do the Perfect Plank

Place the forearms on the ground with the elbows aligned below the shoulders, and arms parallel to the body at about shoulder-width distance. If flat palms bother your wrists, clasp your hands together. (Note: Any of the following plank variations can be performed with straight arms or in a forearm position.)

This static exercise—meaning the body stays in one position for the entirety of the move—requires no equipment and can be performed just about anywhere (well, use your judgment). Find out how to perfect your plank and fix some of the most common planking mistakes with this guide. MORE ON DOING PLANKS AT GREATIST.COM