Do Cell Phones Really Cause Brain Cancer?

It’s Official: California Issues Caution on Cell Phone Use

(Olga Naidenko Ph.D.) This week, California officially issued groundbreaking guidelines advising cell phone users to keep phones away from their bodies and limit use when reception is weak.

California health officials are urging the public not to keep their phones in close proximity when not actively using them.

Officials caution that studies link radiation from long-term cell phone use to an increased risk of brain cancer, lower sperm counts and other health problems.

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In studies by the federal National Toxicology Program, male rats exposed to cell phone radiation had a greater chance of developing a brain cancer called malignant glioma, as well as developing a tumor found on the heart.

Based on human studies demonstrating increased risk of brain tumors, the World Health Organization has declared cell phone radiation a possible carcinogen. Meanwhile, the telecom industry continues to fight efforts to inform the public.

California Department of Public Health Director Karen Smith said:

“Simple steps, such as not keeping your phone in your pocket and moving it away from your bed at night, can help reduce exposure.”

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