CDC Doctor Dead; Wiccan, New Age Theories Emerge

“We may never be able to tell you how he got into the river:” Police

(Headline Health) The highly placed CDC doctor reported missing nearly two months ago has been found dead in an Atlanta area river with unexplained objects in his pocket.

Authorities who originally sought to write off the case of Timothy Cunningham as the suicide of a man who was depressed after being passed over for a promotion have run into two big problems.

First, CDC officials issued an emphatic public denial that Cunningham had been passed over for promotion. Cunningham had no negative marks in his federal employee file, they insist.

But it’s what authorities found in Cunningham’s pockets when they recovered his body from the river that’s presenting the latest problem; he was found in possession of three crystals.

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Crystals and gem stones are valued by Wiccans for their mystical properties, such as the supposed ability to hold and channel energies, and are commonly used in Wiccan death rituals. Police now say that Cunningham was an “avid collector” of crystals and gemstones, an oddity which they has not previously disclosed.

Why would a highly trained medical doctor holding advanced scientific degrees carry with him to his death a set of talismans commonly used in New Age mysticism, the occult, and Wiccan superstitions?

Did Cunningham have a belief in the occult? Was his supposed attachment to science a fraud? If Cunningham was truly a believer in pseudoscience and Wiccan rituals, how could his CDC supervisors and co-workers not have noticed?

Details below …

Timothy Cunningham’s body found in river

(CNN) Maj. Michael O’Connor of the Atlanta Police Department stressed that “things are fluid and things can change,” but as of Thursday afternoon, there were no indications of foul play.

Was passed up for promotion, police insist

Cunningham’s home is not far from the river, O’Connor said. Cunningham was also known to be a jogger, and was wearing his “favorite jogging shoes” when he was found.

According to O’Connor, Cunningham was also an avid collector of “crystals,” and three were found in his pocket.

The condition of the body is “consistent” with Cunningham having been in the river since he first went missing, Gorniak said.

“We may never be able to tell you how he got into the river,” O’Connor said …

Disappearance perplexed investigators

Cunningham, of Atlanta, was last seen February 12, shortly after a CDC supervisor told him why he was being passed over for a promotion, police have said.

The CDC’s director in mid-March issued a statement denying that Cunningham hadn’t gotten a promotion and noting that he’d been promoted in July. Atlanta police responded by doubling down on their version of events, citing the CDC as the source of the information.

The case perplexed investigators because Cunningham’s keys, cell phone, credit cards, debit cards, wallet and all forms of identification were found in his house, along with his beloved dog.

Co-workers told authorities that Cunningham had been “obviously disappointed” on the morning of February 12, when he learned why he wasn’t getting the promotion he’d hoped for, police have said. He left work quickly, saying he felt ill, they said. Read the full story at CNN.


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