CDC: Wear N95 Mask

U.S. health officials on Friday encouraged more Americans to wear the kind of N95 or KN95 masks used by health-care workers to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Watch and Listen: Examining the Risks of Covid’s Spread Within Hospitals

KHN Midwest correspondent Lauren Weber appeared on Newsy’s “Evening Debrief” program to discuss her recent investigative series on the risks of covid’s spread within hospitals.

North Korea Claims Kim Jong Il Invented Burritos

NEW YORK POST – A North Korean state news outlet claims Kim Jong Un’s father invented the burrito — and a propaganda video shows citizens chowing down on the Tex-Mex favorite despite widespread food shortages in the country. Kim Jong Il came up with the idea for “wheat wraps” in 2011 shortly before he suffered a fatal heart attack, the Sun reported, citing a report in the Rodong Sinmun. The Pyongyang mouthpiece also claimed the current...

State Cover-Up Of Hepatitis Source Endangers Lives: Food Safety Advocate

The Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Montgomery County Public Health Department announced on January 5th that they are investigating and outbreak of hepatitis A virus infections associated with an unnamed Italian restaurant in Montgomery County in southeastern Pennsylvania.

“Families In Despair”: AP

DETROIT (AP) — Parent Latonya Peterson sums up her frustration over Detroit schools returning — at least temporarily — to virtual learning in three short words: "I hate it." Facing a surge in COVID-19 cases, the Detroit district this week joined a growing number of others in moving classes online after the winter break. The shift involving 50,000 students once again leaves parents juggling home and work schedules around the educational needs of their children. A...

Nude Pictures On Early Retro PCs — Was it Possible?

DEV GENIUS – The JPEG format was introduced in 1993 and GIF was released in 1987. Was it possible to watch nude photos on this lovely portable computer made in 1983? After publishing a review of my Compaq Portable, I got this question from a reader. The answer turned out to be not so simple as we might think. Let’s figure it out. Hardware First, let’s talk about the hardware and its possibilities — was it possible...

Prince Andrew Tight-Lipped About Sex Servant Allegations

A woman who says she was sexually trafficked to Britain’s Prince Andrew by Jeffrey Epstein accepted $500,000 in 2009 to settle her lawsuit against the American millionaire and anyone else “who could have been included as a potential defendant,” according to a court record unsealed Monday.

Quick-Thinking Fan Signals Cancer Alert To NHL Equipment Manager

SEATTLE (AP) — Brian "Red" Hamilton was in the middle of moving equipment on the Vancouver Canucks' bench in between periods on Oct. 23 in Seattle when he noticed a woman behind the bench pressing her phone against the plexiglass. The message on her phone was written in a large font and caught the attention of Hamilton, the assistant equipment manager for the Canucks. The message expressed Nadia Popovici's concern that she believed a...

3 Ways CBD May Help You Lose Weight, According to Experts

EAT THIS, NOT THAT! – CBD has exploded in popularity for a range of reasons. Its primary use and selling point is that you can use it to deal with anxiety, of course. But Nature and Bloom CBD expert Andrea Chapman points out that it can also potentially enhance your concentration and have a whole host of other mind and body benefits… including potentially helping you to lose weight. However, before we get into the...

Best Weight Loss Foods For 2022

Keto, Fasting, or Whole 30 – Which Diet Is Best for Weight Loss in 2022? By Dennis Thompson, Dec. 30, 2021 HealthDay News – Folks who are determined to shed some pounds in the New Year face a bewildering array of fad diets and quickie weight-loss schemes. Those weighing eating patterns and diet plans such as intermittent fasting, the Keto diet, the Whole 30 Program and the Mediterranean diet would do well to keep two primary facts...

Ghislaine Maxwell: Finally Ready To Name Names?

Ghislaine Maxwell could be aiming for a reduced sentence by naming powerful names when it comes to others involved in Epstein’s crimes. Experts say any deal depends on whether US government believes it is worth investigating network that may have been involved

Legislators Duke It Out Over Sharia Law Vs. Constitution

(CNN) Chaos erupted in Jordan's Parliament on Tuesday, with lawmakers throwing punches at each other after a discussion on a constitutional amendment that would afford greater rights to women got heated. Video of the event shows a handful of lawmakers in a physical altercation, fighting and hurling threats and insults at each other. Even the speaker of Parliament resorted to angry outbursts to manage the commotion. The fight broke out between lawmakers after insults were exchanged...

WHO Warns Of ‘Omicron Overload’

FRANCE 24 – The WHO warned Tuesday that the Omicron coronavirus variant could lead to overwhelmed healthcare systems even though early studies suggest it sparks milder disease, as countries reintroduced tough restrictions to stamp out Covid-19 surges and France reported a new record number of cases. Covid-19 surges have wreaked havoc around the world, forcing many nations to make tough choices between economically punishing restrictions and controlling the spread of the virus. France reported a record...

‘Truly Appalling’ Nursing Home Death Toll

About 1 in 8 Californians who have died of covid lived in a nursing home.
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