Signs That Covid-19 May Never Go Away

When COVID symptoms refuse to go away | People are suffering with persisting symptoms long after the infection is defeated | AARP, Sep 4, 2020 When Maryland resident Russell Frisby was discharged from the hospital in late March after a five-day stay for COVID-19, he wasn't “100 percent,” but he was feeling better. The persistent cough that plagued him for weeks had subsided, and the breathing trouble that initially landed him in a hospital bed had improved. About...

The First Sign You Have Covid-19

“The order of symptoms matters." Aug 16, 2020 | Ladders – While the core symptoms of coronavirus are cough, shortness of breath, and fever, the order in which they appear can help with earlier detection and possibly help treat patients faster. The study by researchers from the University of Southern California found that fever occurs first, followed by cough and muscle pain. Other symptoms like nausea and vomiting occur after, followed by diarrhea. USC professor Peter Kuhn said: “This order...

Who Should Get Tested?

"Limited testing resources available directed at those with a medically indicated need for tests and those ID'ed by well-defined public health surveillance efforts." August 14, 2020 CNN – While some Americans wait several days or longer for Covid-19 test results, the American Medical Association and other groups want new federal guidelines to help fast-track those who need testing and results urgently. That would be good news for those suffering symptoms or who were definitely exposed to...

AT LAST: 1 Good Thing About Covid-19, And It Could Save Lives

"Young people who have a history of using both e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes were seven times more likely to be diagnosed with Covid-19 ... " VAPING: NOT Cool, NOT Smart, NOT Safe | The virus crisis may be the best chance to ban – at least temporarily – deadly e-cigarettes |  Aug 11, 2020 | CNN – In a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration, lawmakers are urging the agency to temporarily clear the market of...

Deadly Effects Of Last Car Part You’d Expect

Air pollution from brake dust may be as harmful as diesel exhaust on immune cells – new study January 13, 2020 The harmful impact of air pollution caused by diesel exhaust fumes on our health is well known. It’s responsible for causing everything from respiratory problems to dementia and even certain types of cancers. But what most people don’t realise is that exhaust fumes aren’t the only cause of air pollution. In fact, up to 55% of roadside traffic...
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