Why Do People Continue To Eat Rare Hamburgers?

FOOD SAFETY NEWS – Growing up in South Carolina, Independence Day was fraught with danger. Most years we spent the holiday at my Aunt Debbie’s timeshare condo in Myrtle Beach. The condo was on a golf course, and my brothers and I spent the days scavenging balls from the ponds and dodging errant shots from our would-be customers. We rode to and from the beach without seatbelts, in the back of a station wagon,...

Fecal Parasites Keep Showing Up In US Produce

FOOD SAFETY NEWS – The increasing prevalence of a foodborne parasite has spurred the FDA to develop an action plan for dealing with Cyclospora contamination, with a special focus on fresh produce. The Food and Drug Administration unveiled the plan yesterday, July 1, referencing the first known contamination in U.S. produce in 2018, as well as an outbreak that year traced to McDonald’s salads. However, a statement issued with the plan does not mention a recall...

Pinterest Bans ALL Weight Loss Ads

Pinterest on Thursday announced that it will ban all advertisements related to weight loss from its platform in an effort to prevent content that could encourage unhealthy or disordered eating habits.

Disqualified Olympic Prospect Blames Bad Burrito

THE NEW YORK TIMES – Years of training and preparation to reach the Tokyo Olympics are out the window for Shelby Houlihan, an American runner, because of a positive drug test. She says a pork burrito is to blame. The Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld a four-year suspension that took effect on Monday for Houlihan, who holds American records for 1,500- and 5,000-meter races and tested positive for the anabolic steroid nandrolone. The court’s move...

GMO Salmon Producers Find Giant Loophole In US Labeling Laws

Biotech company AquaBounty Technologies Inc. announced that it is harvesting several tons of genetically modified salmon, which will soon be sold at restaurants and other “away-from-home” dining retailers around the country where the federal GMO labeling law does not apply.

Asian Seafood Exports Treated With Carbon Monoxide

Food safety officials in Belgium seized almost 80,000 tons of tuna in the course of a few months in 2020. More than 90 percent of non-compliant products were imported from Asia.

Mushrooms (Any Kind) Lower Cancer Risk

When specific cancers were examined, the researchers noted the strongest associations for breast cancer as individuals who regularly ate mushrooms had a significantly lower risk of breast cancer.

One Brand Is The Self-Proclaimed Champion Of Junk Food

Just 37% of Nestlé's consumer food and beverage products meet international health standards.

“Microbial Loads Off The Charts”

EATDRINKBETTER – Meal kits like those provided by companies like Purple Carrot, Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Plated, SunBasket, and more promote a lot of things we stand behind: high-quality ingredients, reducing food waste, and helping people learn to cook (or at least cook at home, while following a very detailed recipe). We love all of these things about meal kits, but there are few things NOT to love too. A new study reveals some...

Bad Thermometer Sparks Bean-normous Recall

FOOD SAFETY NEWS – Randall Foods Inc. is recalling all lots of its Randall-brand beans because of manufacturing deviations that may pose a potential health risk. The recall includes 1.6 million cases of glass jars. “The manufacturing deviations included a nonfunctioning temperature indicating device raising the possibility that the product was not effectively processed,” according to the Cincinnati, OH, company’s recall notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration. “Processing at temperatures below a required temperature...

Federal Warning On Illegally Imported Catfish

Federal officials are warning the public to check their freezers for certain frozen catfish products after U.S. smuggling officials found they had been imported from Brazil.

Vegans Chow Down … On Banana Peels?

“It’s hard to overcome the cultural assumptions about what is and is not edible, and to start eating what we have customarily regarded as waste.”

FDA Says Dirty Water Most Likely Cause Of Onion Poisoning

The FDA on May 13 released a report on its investigation of the Salmonella Newport outbreak that caused more than 1,600 reported illnesses in the U.S. and Canada between June and October 2020. The outbreak is the largest Salmonella foodborne illness outbreak in over a decade.

No One Goes To These Subways Anymore

The value of a Subway restaurant has decreased significantly in California in the last five years, going from $300,000 or $400,000 down to $100,000 at best, according to one unhappy franchise owner.
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