Vegans Chow Down … On Banana Peels?

“It’s hard to overcome the cultural assumptions about what is and is not edible, and to start eating what we have customarily regarded as waste.”

FDA Says Dirty Water Most Likely Cause Of Onion Poisoning

The FDA on May 13 released a report on its investigation of the Salmonella Newport outbreak that caused more than 1,600 reported illnesses in the U.S. and Canada between June and October 2020. The outbreak is the largest Salmonella foodborne illness outbreak in over a decade.

No One Goes To These Subways Anymore

The value of a Subway restaurant has decreased significantly in California in the last five years, going from $300,000 or $400,000 down to $100,000 at best, according to one unhappy franchise owner.

Taco Make You Trot? Get Help Now

iwaspoisoned.com/ – Food poisoning can occur as a result of eating Mexican food, or any food. The most commonly reported symptoms from Taco Bell are vomiting and diarrhea and the most reported diagnoses are Salmonella and Norovirus. Salmonella is a bacterial infection commonly associated with chicken. Sadly, Taco Bell’s competitors are not necessarily any better when it comes to food poisoning. Below, crowdsource food poisoning reports filed in the past 60 days from locations where...

What Happens When You Eat Raw Cookie Dough

"Raw flour is not a ready-to-eat product, and this outbreak highlights the continuing risk for illness associated with the consumption of flour and raw dough or batter."

KFC Insists They’re Not Running Out Of Chicken

New York (CNN Business) – Yum Brands said Wednesday that its KFC chicken sandwich -- which is made with an extra crispy chicken filet on a buttered brioche bun with pickles and spicy or classic mayonnaise -- has been a success so far. "Our sandwich is performing at more than twice the volumes of our prior US sandwich launches," Yum (YUM) CEO David Gibbs said during an analyst call discussing earnings. "Customers are loving the...

Cold-War Era Nuclear Test Radiation Showing Up In US Honey

U.S. honey still contains radioactivity dating back to the 1950s. Radiocesium from nuclear weapons testing continues to appear in local plants. The radiocesium is absorbed because of its resemblance to potassium.

Brothers Who Knowingly Sold Contaminated Peanut Butter Remain In Prison

Brothers Stewart and Michael Parnell remain in federal custody. They were unsuccessful with their requests for “compassionate release” under the First Step Act, the federal prison reform act that became law ahead of the COVID-19 crisis.

100 Sick After Eating At Arby’s

EAT THIS, NOT THAT – When we choose to eat out — whether at a fast-food chain restaurant or a nice sit-down dining experience — we’re placing a large amount of trust in the staff and in the food they’re serving. We assume they are following all health-related guidelines and maintaining a clean working environment as they prepare and serve our food. Unfortunately, sometimes a restaurant comes up a bit short, even if training...

Food Poisoning Costs China $30B A Year: World Bank

The cost of foodborne diseases in terms of human capital productivity loss in China is estimated at more than $30 billion per year, almost 50 percent of the total economic burden of foodborne infections in Asia, according to the World Bank.

Beef Products From China Rejected By USDA

1,600 pounds of Chinese-style hot pot base products containing beef tallow have. been recalled. The products were imported from the People’s Republic of China, a country ineligible to export beef to the United States.

Junk Food Preservative Harms Immune System: Study

EWG’s analysis of ToxCast data showed that the preservative tert-butylhydroquinone, or TBHQ, has been found to harm the immune system both in both animal tests and in non-animal tests known as high-throughput in vitro toxicology testing.

Dozens Sick After Eating At Subway; Thousands of Locations Close

Dozen people have come down sick after eating at Subway restaurants rececently, including "nearly 25" in s single Idaho location.

McDonald’s App Openly Targets 4-Year-Olds

As childhood obesity rates hit all-time highs, food brands spend billions on advertising to turn kids into lifetime consumers of fat, sugar, salt, and nutrient-deprived junk food  Nov 8, 2020 Business Insider – Popular child influencers are generating millions of impressions for fast food and candy brands in YouTube videos targeted at kids, a report in the Pediatrics journal has found. Videos of children playing with McDonald's toys and pretending to work at drive-thrus could potentially reach...


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