Casey Kasem’s Death: Was It Alzheimer’s, Or Elder Abuse?

$80 million estate on the line as police reopen death investigation – disturbing interview airs Sat. nite

| NBC News: Casey Kasem’s wife and three adult children have been in bizarre battle since his death more than four years ago.

“We received information that alleges the death to be wrongful,” Police Chief Kelly Busey told NBC News.

Kasem died in 2014 in Gig Harbor, Washington, where his wife, Jean, took him after removing him from a facility in California where he was receiving around-the-clock care.

Kasem had dementia and severe bedsores when he died.

Kerri, Julie, and Michael Kasem filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jean Kasem after prosecutors declined to charge her. Both sides have accused the other of being motivated by greed … Read more. 

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Casey Kasem’s Wife and Children Accuse Each Other of Hastening His Death: ‘I Did Not Kill Him’

PEOPLE – Casey Kasem’s wife claims his children hastened his death — while they accuse her of doing the same.

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip from an upcoming CBS special about the dispute, 48 Hours: The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem, Kasem’s relatives share their conflicting sides of the story that surrounds the radio star‘s death at age 82 in 2014. He had dementia.

“I assure you, Peter, that I did not kill him,” Kasem’s widow Jean tells correspondent Peter Van Sant.

“But you believe someone else is responsible for his death?” Van Sant asks.

“Yes, I do,” Jean replies. “It’s the adult children of Casey, from a prior marriage of over 40 years ago.”

Those adult children with ex-wife Linda Myers — Julie, Kerri and Mike — beg to differ.

“I did everything I could to save his life,” Kerri attests in the clip. “I cannot wait for the wrongful death trial to begin because [of] the overwhelming amount of evidence that we can present.”

Kasem’s children have filed a wrongful death suit against Jean, who has filed a counter wrongful death suit. A judge may rule on the case next spring, and the outcome could decide who inherits Kasem’s fortune …

48 Hours: The Mysterious Death of Casey Kasem airs on Nov. 24 at 10:00 p.m. ET on CBS. Read more.


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