Caring for Your Aging Pet

(KIMBERLY CORRENTI, LOUDON TRIBUNE) From graying faces to a slower paced walk, it’s easy to see the outward signs of our pet’s aging. But what’s far more important is to understand that the internal body is also changing.

There are many steps we can do to help their body live a longer and healthier life. Hydration is key to every cell, tissue and organ being able to function at its best and work properly.

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Water regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, transport nutrients and gives energy to the body and is a key role in keeping your pet’s weight ideal.

A great starting point in a good diet for any pet is to assure the food you are feeding supplies enough moisture. I’ve always believed that feeding dry kibble exclusively to an animal is not very good as it has a very low moisture base. Adding canned food, freeze dried (and include water) or raw to any kibble boosts hydration through food without necessary trips to the water bowl.

Quality of ingredients in your pet’s food is just as important as adding water …  READ THE FULL STORY AT THE LOUDOUN TRIBUNE