CA Guv’s New Plan To Combat Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Homelessness

Russ Allison Loar, CC BY-SA 4.0

“According to a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report, 45 percent of homeless people suffer from mental illness. A Univ. of Pennsylvania report, found that about half suffer from alcohol or drug dependence.”

Fox News – In November 2018, California voters defeated a statewide ballot initiative that would have extended rent control statewide.

It was soundly rejected by an almost 20-point margin. Every county in the state except for San Francisco voted it down.

Even the Democrat running for governor, Gavin Newsom, indicated his opposition to the initiative.

But now that he’s in office, the former lieutenant governor and former mayor of San Francisco has changed his position, insisting the state must respond to the homeless problem.

Last week we learned of at least one of the actions the governor plans to take.

Newsom signed a statewide rent-control law, overturning the will of the people.

He followed the progressive playbook by using the homeless crisis “to do things that you could not do before.”

Progressives assert that the homeless crisis is due in large part to a housing shortage, and that the best way to address the shortage is with rent control.

The new law also protects tenants from eviction without good reason and provides compensation to tenants if they are evicted due to renovation.

Assemblyman David Chiu, a San Francisco Democrat who authored the bill, said:

“The housing crisis is reaching every corner of America, where you’re seeing high home prices, high rents, evictions and homelessness that we’re all struggling to grapple with. Protecting tenants is a critical and obvious component of any strategy to address this.”

It may be “obvious” to some, but any scratching of the surface of California’s rent law shows it to be utterly useless …

What politicians must acknowledge is that the real cause of most homelessness is the prevalence of mental illness and substance abuse in the homeless community.

According to a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development report, 45 percent of homeless people suffer from mental illness.

A University of Pennsylvania report, found that about half suffer from alcohol or drug dependence. Read more. 


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