Butterball Turkeys Resold On Black Market


Police warn not to eat Butterball turkeys “remarketed” by dumpster diver

| Falmouth, Maine (AP) – Police report a Hannaford supermarket discarded frozen Butterball turkeys that accidentally thawed out.

Then someone collected them from the trash with the idea of redistributing them.

Police say people should beware of black market turkeys because they’re dangerous to consume. Read the full report at waaytv.com. 

Butterball to revamp turkey brand, cites “shifting consumer needs”

New all-natural product line with no artificial ingredients

Food Business News | Garner, N.C. — Butterball is revamping its turkey brand with new product offerings, consumer-friendly labels, packaging and consumer marketing campaigns.

The company also has hired Jeff Mundt to fill the newly created role of vice-president of research and development and innovation.

Mr. Mundt brings more than 25 years of experience in food innovation, brand and product launches and pipeline development to his new role.

“We have a significant growth opportunity to build out our product portfolio through aggressive, thoughtful innovation efforts, and we need a champion to head that initiative and drive our brand,” said Bill Klump, chief marketing officer of Butterball.

Mr. Klump cited shifting consumer needs as the key driver for the company’s renewed focus on innovation.

“Our research has shown that consumer needs have changed, even among those we consider to be our core consumers,” he said.

“The product as we know it isn’t as relevant with consumers as it once was. We created this position, equipped Mundt with a dedicated team and carved out resources with the specific focus of looking for new business that might not exist today.” [Only a turkey company would “carve out” resources.  – Editor]

Butterball is introducing a new all natural product line with no artificial ingredients.

The line includes smoked sausage, turkey bacon, breakfast sausage, frozen turkey burgers and turkey meatballs that will be rolling out nationwide. In addition to containing no artificial ingredients, the products have no hormones or steroids, no nitrates or nitrites and are minimally processed. Read the full story at Food Business News


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