Britney Spears’ Court-Ordered Psychological Evaluation

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Court holds hearing on conservatorship of Britney Spears

| Associated Press, May 10, 2019

Los Angeles – After listening to Britney Spears and both of her parents speak in an unusual court appearance, a judge has ordered an expert evaluation of the 37-year-old singer’s situation.

The courtroom was cleared of members of the public and media Friday before Spears and her parents were brought in through a side door to discuss her conservatorship, which has put control of nearly all of her affairs in the hands of her father.

After the hearing, Judge Brenda Penny ordered a so-called 730 expert evaluation, a competence examination that is usually used for parents in divorce cases.

It’s not clear whether the examination relates to Spears’ relationship to her two sons or her parents’ oversight of her.

Penny says in her order that both Spears and her parents agreed to the evaluation. Read more. 

“Conservatorship, known in many states as guardianship, is an involuntary status usually reserved for very elderly or very ill people who are suffering from dementia or otherwise incapacitated and unable to make decisions for themselves.” – USA Today

What is a 730 evaluation in California?


A 730 evaluation is a court-appointed expert’s assessment.

This assessment takes place so that court-appointed expert can provide an opinion and recommendation to the Court.

A 730 evaluator is the Court’s appointed expert and is not hired by either party. Therefore, a court ordered 730 evaluation is intended to be an unbiased, objective evaluation of facts or a matter for which an expert opinion will help the Court.

What are a 730 evaluator’s duties in a child custody psychological evaluation?

California Rules of Court 5.220 states the following:

The child custody evaluator must:

(A) Consider the health, safety, welfare, and best interest of the child within the scope and purpose of the evaluation as defined by the court order;

(B) Strive to minimize the potential for psychological trauma to children during the evaluation process; and

(C) Include in the initial meeting with each child an age-appropriate explanation of the evaluation process, including limitations on the confidentiality of the process.

A 730 evaluator’s job in a child custody psychological evaluation is to conduct an objective, unbiased evaluation and make informed recommendations to the Family Court consistent with the child or children’s best interest. Source. 


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